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Private Lessons

Private lessons involving a large variety of vocal training techniques; engaging body, breath, listening, emotion & sound. These exercises are designed to develop your voice to a unique expression & excellence. Training in Pop, Jazz, Americana, Musical Theatre, Blues, & more~~

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Singer's Workshops & Concerts

Besides one on one lessons, small group classes are also offered. This can be a great opportunity to have fun with someone you already know, or to meet new people! After the current semester is over, we organize a concert for you to share your work with fellow artists, family, and friends!

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Your Coach: Brenda Varda

Brenda Varda (music & performance BA and MFA) has worked with singers & musicians for 20 years as a coach, musical director, songwriter, & pianist. She excels at getting singers to remove blocks, engage new methods, and develop reliable singing practice for theatre, recording, and solo performance.



Are you down (or up) to sing?! Ready to transform in the New Year, with learning techniques for recording and performance? This Is The Time! Click for link:
6 weeks --Thursday Evenings, starting January 25th. Bring confidence, tone, interpretation, and style to your singing with unique
Session Cost is $375, includes recording one song in class with tracks, and we will also have the opportunity to do a 'studio day' (extra fee, depending on the number of students enrolled and the musicians).
AND a performance is included - with musicians - for an invited audience at the Lyric Hyperion or other theatre (dependent on schedules)
Singers Workout patrons are getting roles, working in bands, entertaining everywhere - so this work can take you to the next level.  This is our 9th workshop..Would love to hear you swinging and singing through. 


Saturday & Sunday
DAY ONE: Prep and Practice:
     Who are you when you enter a room?
      How do auditioners respond?      
      What can you do to help your 'first impression'

DAY TWO:  Audition and Perform:    
     Guest casting director and a chance to get feedback in a performance setting!


 Confirm your slot! Last session students developed recording and mic technique for 2 or more songs. We'll generate basic tracks and then record in every session: you get basic tracks for rehearsal (included!)
$350 for new students, $300 for returning!
Please spread the word!

Two options for Record That Song: start Sept 21 (Thurs -7:00-9:30) or Sept 23rd (Saturday: 2:00-4:30) - 8 sessions each
Call if you have questions: 213-399-2006 or pm

DETAILS FOR Singer's Workout: Record That Song!
3rd week of Sept through 1st week Nov: workouts plus recording! This time, we continuelearning about creating sound for the microphone & recording. I've had great help/understanding from doing studio work and also recording for friends/self - plus additional training and research.

Sessions 1: Identify songs - and techniques: Phrasing and Pitch
Sessions 2: Microphones and Sound; create tracks
Session 3: Record a demo in class, shape Tone/Vowels Song 2
Session 4: Your style
Session 5: Arrangements
Session 6: Options for emotional affect
Session 7: Pre-Record/record
Session 8: Record/perform

(I'm advocating that we do a live taping at Kulaks after - just have to pitch in for musicians. They do all the audio/video recording...)" class="x-el x-el-a px_-text-transform-none px_-overflow-wrap-break-word px_-fs-16 px_-fw-400 px_-c-rgb126__84__198 px_-text-decoration-none px_-d-inline px_-cursor-pointer px_-ff-_Montserrat___arial__sans-serif px__hover-c-rgb125__83__197 _mdpx_-fs-16 _lgpx_-fs-16 x-d-ux">Click here to bring your voice to beauty and excellence!

DEPOSIT $150 to reserve spot! 


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